Our Idiot Brother

Samantha Shinn

Our Idiot Brother is a movie about a typical family with many issues, one of the big ones being Ned, the brother who has a heart of gold and a very trusting demeanor. When Ned needs a place to stay after leaving prison, his sisters trade him around. Much to their dismay, his naiveté ruins their lives, which are already surrounded by lies and infidelity.

Our Idiot Brother was directed by Jesse Peretz by Big Beach Films and released August 28, 2011. The main character is Ned (the brother) who is played by Paul Rudd. This film is rated R for language, nudity, and drugs.

After Ned sells pot to a seemingly trustworthy cop, he is sent to prison. When he gets out of prison four months early for being the most cooperative inmate, he finds out that his life is not what he was expecting it to be. His girlfriend kicks him out of her life, his job, and away from his beautiful Golden Retriever, Willie Nelson. With nowhere else to go, he naturally relies on his sisters for a roof over his head. Because of his trustworthiness, simplicity, and his lying sisters, he fumbles his way into sticky situations that ultimately change his sisters’ imperfect lives for the better.

The key moment in this movie would be when the sisters realize just how much Ned loves everything in life to the fullest and most importantly how he loves unconditionally. They also recognize that of all of them, Ned is the best person through and through; that is when they come to love their brother unconditionally, even with all his quirks and stupid mistakes.

However, this movie proved to be a very lackluster film that had a few funny moments but not enough to really enjoy this movie. The targeted audience is young adults who want a cheap laugh at life’s most obvious clichés. This film had a very general plot line with no actual in-depth story told. I would not recommend this film to people who are looking for more than a few laughs.