Niall Horan’s Solo Debut: Flicker


David Needleman

Niall Horan for Billboard, photographed by David Needleman

Anna Downs, Contributing Writer

Niall Horan is best known for being one fifth of the most popular boy band of our generation: One Direction. After the release of One Direction’s Made in the A.M. in 2015, the band split which led to each member going solo. Horan released his first complete album of solo work on Friday (Oct. 27) titled Flicker.

Throughout the years in One Direction, Niall was the only band member to play an instrument on tour: the guitar, leading listeners to believe he may be more musically inclined. Flicker is a 13-track album narrowed down from about 70 songs he wrote for the album, Horan stated in an interview with Billboard.

Now that Horan is taking on the role of singer-songwriter on his own, this pop album is different from past albums with One Direction. This album consists of a mix of ballads and upbeat pop songs, but with substance. The melodies and lyrics are meaningful with a consistent flow of song throughout. Two singles off the album which have gotten major air time so far are “This Town” and more recently “Slow Hands.” Flicker includes a versatile mix of songs that will keep one interested and listening long after just hearing the radio hits.

Niall Horan's Official VEVO Channel

The theme of this album seems to be based around his processes of relationships. It is exciting to see how Horan’s skills as a musician have grown, and by going solo, he allows himself more freedom with the songwriting and styles. With that freedom it is prevalent that this album is perfectly suited for Horan’s voice. Flicker seems to be a great success not just chart wise, but in personal growth.

The album includes influences of folk-type music possibly based from his roots in Ireland. Almost all songs on the album feature guitar as the main instrument in the song, making it more of a laid back acoustic piece all together. Following the release of the album earlier this month, Horan announced the Flicker Sessions World Tour.

All throughout 2018, Horan will be performing songs off Flicker all around the world. At only 24 years of age, it is wonderful to see all that Horan is capable of. Fans are looking forward to see where the album will end up placing on the charts. Flicker may be categorized as an instant classic for his fans.


Listen to Flicker on Spotify and Apple Music.