Netflix Finds Its New Superheroes in The Umbrella Academy

Netflix’s newest show, “The Umbrella Academy,” combines the newly popular superhero genre with family drama, and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Released on Feb. 15, “The Umbrella Academy” introduces viewers to the unique heroes that made their first appearance in a comic book series of the same name.

The series, 10 episodes in total, begins on Oct. 1, 1989, when 43 children are born to mothers who were not actually pregnant. Believing these children to be special, billionaire Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven of the children. Hargreeves establishes the Umbrella Academy with the intention of training his children to one day save the world.

Twenty-something years lapse and viewers are introduced to the older, and now estranged, siblings.

Luther (AKA Number One) who possesses super strength, has been on the moon. Diego (Number Two) has become a vigilante and has the ability to curve the trajectory of anything he throws. Allison (Number 3) has the ability to influence others’ actions, and is living the lavish life of an actress. Klaus (Number 4) has turned to a life of drugs to dull his powers, which allow him to communicate with the dead. Number 5 has the ability to travel through space and time, and until the second episode, he is stuck in the future and does not have a name. Ben (Number 6) died sometime during the timeskip, but had the ability to control interdimensional monsters under his skin. Vanya (Number 7) was believed to have no powers, which pushed her away from her family. However throughout the series it is revealed that she has the ability to manipulate sound waves as a form of telekinesis.

Following the time jump, the siblings are brought together after the death of their father. The distance between them is more than just physical, and that becomes evident with every interaction. However, after Number 5 comes through a time portal, he warns of a coming apocalypse, and forces the siblings to work together.

Thee show faces criticisms for the pacing and events that were changed from the original canon but the performances from the cast more than make up for that. Audiences should barely be able to notice that this is not a real family with real issues, just with super powers.