“Euphoria,” I can’t take this anymore

Three years. I waited about three years for the premiere of season two of “Euphoria.”

And I wasn’t the only one. The premiere was so anticipated, it actually crashed HBO’s servers with its estimated 2.4 million viewers. Yet now, after watching the first four episodes, the anticipation has subsided and it’s been replaced by exhaustion.

But, somehow, I still love “Euphoria.” Though this season cannot hold a candle to its debut, there is a lot to appreciate.

This is an intense season, to say the least. From Cassie falling in love with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, to Rue struggling with a relapse, and Nate’s father, Cal, finally coming to terms with his sexuality, there is a lot to take in.

The issue comes with the narrative. There are many cuts to random scenes and a little too much “aesthetic.” Though these are beautifully-shot and well-planned scenes, the imagery sometimes obscures the actual plot.

This season raises plenty of questions. Who was the mysterious voice who watched Kat during one of her livestreams? What happened to the relationship––or manipulation––between Nate and Jules? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

However, some fans speculate the reason for the choppiness of this season is a plot device to portray the way Rue is perceiving reality, and she is telling an unreliable version of the story.

I believe “Euphoria” excels in its backstories, specifically with Cal’s, where it is nice to have some understanding of his actions, especially after the first season. And though it is difficult to watch, characters such as Rue and Cassie make the show what it is. It is terrifying not knowing what will happen to them, but it is irresistible to watch.

Yet, much is lacking. This season does not focus much on Kat, a character who, in the first season, joins the online sex work industry and finds love. This season, however, she is barely in it. All we know so far is that she is unhappy in her relationship and struggling with her identity. There have been rumors that show creator Sam Levinson and actress Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat, got into a disagreement over how Levinson was portraying Ferreira’s character. Stories are that Ferreira walked off set and Levinson significantly cut her character.

The series was also just renewed for a third season, so there is no telling what is to come. But I am begging you, HBO, please don’t make me wait until 2024 to see the next season. And no matter how much I can’t tolerate the choppy storytelling, it is a guarantee that I will continue to watch it.