Agatha’s big break is coming with “WandaVision” spinoff

On Oct. 7, Marvel revealed their plans to give Kathryn Hahn’s “WandaVision” character a spin-off series that will premiere exclusively on Disney+. Head writer Jac Schaeffer is the spin-off’s writer and executive producer. This marks Schaeffer’s first project with Marvel since he signed a deal with Marvel and 20th Television. While the miniseries had less than 10 episodes, it was nominated for 23 Emmys.

“WandaVision” aired earlier this year from Jan. 15 to March 5, having a two-episode premiere and a new episode every Friday. The miniseries follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision in a fourth-wall-breaking sitcom loop. Wanda’s ability to transform and control the fictional town of Westview attracted plenty of attention and brought several new characters to the MCU, one of which included Agnes, played by Hahn. Hahn’s portrayal of the dark-humored woman quickly became a fan-favorite out of the “WandaVision” cast.

It was ultimately revealed that Agnes was really Agatha Harkness, a powerful sorceress who plotted to harness Wanda’s Chaos Magic for her own plans. With that reveal came another shocking one, with Agatha possessing the Darkhold. The Darkhold is a book of ancient and powerful dark magic where Agatha learned about Wanda fulfilling the Scarlet Witch prophecy and using Chaos Magic, leaving the door open for more of Agatha Harkness in the MCU’s future.

The news of the spinoff may also help answer viewers’ burning questions, starting with a chance to explain how Agatha managed to find Wanda. Other viewers questioned whether Agatha broke herself free of Wanda’s spell, or from the Darkhold itself. “WandaVision” introduced the Darkhold by showing it in Agatha’s basement, but how and when she acquired the book wasn’t explained.

There is plenty left to tell of Agatha’s story, as fans claim that Marvel will do a fantastic job on executing the Salem witch’s tale. However, it might be a while until we get a first look, considering the number of streaming shows making their way to the Disney+ platform. This includes “Hawkeye,” which premieres Nov. 24, the show’s confirmed spinoff “Echo,” and confirmed second seasons for “Loki” and “What If…?”