Mirror Mirror

Michelle R Morra

This year has been filled with many television shows and movies about fairy tales, and last weekend, another movie was added to the list.  Mirror Mirror hit movie theaters Friday, March 30 to tell the story of Snow White, but with a new twist.

We all know the story of Snow White: fairest skinned young lady in all the land being hated and out casted by her evil step-mother.  She ends up living in the forest with seven dwarves and then the apple comes in when the evil step-mother tries to kill her again. Don’t forget that Prince Charming brings her back to life by kissing her, and then slays the evil queen.  We all know the story, but that was the old story.  This new movie has all the same characters, but has a few twists and different details.

The evil step-mother is still jealous of Snow White because of her fair skin, but this story is more of the evil step-mother trying to maintain her beauty and control of the kingdom after she has gotten rid of the king.  The evil step-mother is played by Julia Roberts, who did a fantastic job at playing evil. No one is more beautiful.  There were also some new faces; Lily Collins plays Snow White and Armie Hammer plays Prince Alcott (or Prince Charming as we know him).  This movie had all the drama that the original Snow White story did, but also had a lot more laughs. Snow White wasn’t the innocently sweet Snow that we are used to.  She had a back bone and fought for her kingdom.

It was a great movie that brought you back to your childhood, but with some modern touches that were perfectly combined to bring good entertainment.