Meloni in Talks for True Blood

Cristal Reyes

For months, the TV shows Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and True Blood have been dominating the ratings. Recent reports gave surfaced that Christopher Meloni (Detective Stabler on Law and Order) is in talks to join the cast of True Blood. This is a TV fanatic’s dream come true.

Meloni, 50, is negotiating a role for the upcoming fifth season of the HBO hit. HBO has recently confirmed this to ‘TheWrap.’

Many have come to the conclusion that since Meloni departed from SVU in the spring, there will be nothing stopping him. The talented actor even has two other projects in the works.  One is a comedy, Awful Nice, and the other is the upcoming superman film.

HBO seems to be determined to get the actor on their payroll; reps for the network have said that they are willing to offer Meloni a leading role if he’s willing to sign with them.

The fifth season of True Blood is destined to premier in summer 2012. If Meloni takes the offer, one can only imagine what’s in store.