Lost Lands Music Festival


Sabrina Chang, Staff Writer

Famous dubstep and bass DJ, Excision, held his very first music festival this past weekend from Sept. 29 through Oct. 1 with 60 of some of the top dubstep and bass artists in the world to join him. Lost Lands Music Festival was held on the beautiful, vast land of Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. The festival’s camping option was sold out weeks in advance and tickets to the actual festival were sold out before the weekend. People from all over the country and world traveled from afar to camp out for the entire weekend in weather that reached as low as 40 degrees. Although the cold was a little discomforting, with a prehistoric and dinosaur theme and over 500,000 watts of bass shaking the grounds, Lost Lands was a basshead’s dream come true.

Lost Lands featured popular DJs including Zed’s Dead, Kill the Noise, Rezz, Illenium, Space Jesus, Datsik, Downlink, Seven Lions and many more. To top it off, Destroid, a dubstep supergroup consisting of Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka that has only played two other shows since 2013, performed a crazy set for the raging crowd.

The Prehistoric Paradox stage was the main stage of the event and was decorated with life-size dinosaurs and a ginormous pair of volcanoes that spouted streams of fire. During the Destroid set, one of those volcanoes caught on fire and started burning down until the emergency crew rushed to put it out. After a short break to make sure the stage was safe enough to continue, Zed’s Dead came out and gave an incredible show that lifted the everyone’s spirits  once again.

On top of great performances and cool dinosaur displays, Lost Lands had many other great attractions such as fire performers, cavemen performers, hula hoopers, light shows, blown glass vendors, huge turkey legs, a hammocking area under lights, artist meetups, and more. Electronic music festivals are known for their loving and friendly vibes and people. Strangers watch out for each other, are kind to one another, and are generally just very open to everyone. It was a great community where kindness and positive energy could just be felt everywhere this past weekend. Lost Lands was the first of its kind and will hopefully be returning next year so that more people can enjoy the amazing experience it brings.