Honor Council’s Halloween Hunt

Karina Krul

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On Friday, October 28 students could be seen running all over campus, in a frenzy searching for clues and answers. The Honors Student Council held their annual, campus wide, Halloween scavenger hunt.

This is the second year the council has been hosting this event and it was by far the most successful. The Honors Student Council strives to unite the campus community with their inclusive social events. While they do not have a clear past, the current e-board is excited for the future.

“The purpose of the council is to help bridge the gap between the Honors Program and the rest of the University,” says council Vice President and Executive Assistant, Danielle Jacoby. She continues making it clear, “We are open to the entire campus!”

The Halloween scavenger hunt is just one of the many campus-wide events hosted by the council. Teams of two competed to win Dunkin Donuts gift cards, with first place receiving $15 gift cards and second place receiving $10 gift cards. The hunt started at the Bartels Patio where teams were given their first clues.

Each clue lead to a room that was decorated and ran by various clubs co-sponsoring the event. The co-sponsors included the Forensic Science and Chemistry Club, Pep Band, Marine Biology Club, and Field Hockey.

“We enjoy participating in campus wide events because it gives us an opportunity to interact with other clubs and help boost each other,” says President of the Marine Biology Club, Sabrina Foote.

The co-sponsors decorated their room for Halloween and had riddles of their own. Upon entering the marine biology room contestants were asked to give the scientific name for the type of fish that Dory is in Finding Nemo. In the Field Hockey room contestants needed to search the room for a field hockey ball before receiving their next clue. Each room had its own task and it made the event much more interactive and entertaining.

Jacoby says the co-sponsors being able to decorate was her favorite part.

“They were able to put their own spin on the event. It helped to make it more fun!” she says. She also thinks the event was more successful this year because the co-sponsors were able to make it so interactive.

There was no question that the event left all contestants smiling and excited for Halloween.

“I participated because it seemed like a fun activity that was in the spirit of Halloween,” says contestant Cassie Verruso.

Another contestant, Bailey Lanzilotta, agreed saying, “It was a great experience to explore campus while having fun with good friends.”

If you missed the scavenger hunt be sure to catch the Honors Student Council at any of their other events this semester. They council looks forward to bringing the campus together through even more events.

Karina Krul, Editor-in-chief

Karina Krul is a senior marine biology major with a triple minor in psychology, political science and marine affairs. This is her fourth year with The...

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Honor Council’s Halloween Hunt