Gryphons & Gargoyles Take Over “Riverdale”

Karina Krul, Editor-in-Chief

The third season of the popular CW show “Riverdale” returned to television after two seasons of suspense and plot-twists. With the mystery of Jason Blossom’s killer gone and the Black Hood caught and arrested, the third season came with a new mysterious focus: Gryphons and Gargoyles (G&G).

Season three shows the town of Riverdale in a G&G craze, with everyone taking orders from its cult-like, unknown leader, the Gargoyle King. The game, that has a somewhat satanic feel to it, relies on role-playing. Players get sent on wild quests presented by the game master, but dictated by the Gargoyle King. It ultimately drives its players to drink cyanide and blue raspberry fresh-aid, a fate that has recently found its way to many Riverdale residents. Finding people dead with blue lips quickly became the norm for the town of Riverdale.

G&G is introduced when two students, Ben and Dilton, begin playing it, although it soon leads to their untimely death, making them the games first victims. Jughead enlists the help of Ethel Muggs, to become a game master himself in an effort to infiltrate the game and bring down the Gargoyle King.

Eventually, we learn that the game is much older than it appears. Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica soon discover that their parents, along with former mayor Sierra McCoy, and former sheriff Tom Keller, formerly called the Midnight Club, played the game when they were in high school, until one night a quest resulted in the death of their old principle. They all vowed to never speak of it again, but it soon became clear that G&G is back and there to stay.

Through the 12 episodes, we learn that almost every character is (or was) playing the game and taking orders from the Gargoyle King. The Sisters of Quiet Mercy were using hallucinogenic drugs and the threat of the Gargoyle King to scare their patients into submission. Eventually the sisters too are found dead with blue lips. Even the warden at the detention center Archie was in is on a G&G quest, which is later revealed to be killing Archie, who’s been labelled in the game as the Red Paladin. What that means remains unknown, but it is clear that Archie plays a vital role in the mystery that is G&G.

Hiram Lodge is perhaps the most connected to the Gargoyle King. Throughout the season, it is insinuated that he’s taking his orders to run an illegal drug trade, as well as other still hidden plans, directly from the Gargoyle King.

As time progresses, two people are unmasked as the Gargoyle King: Tall Boy, an exiled Serpent running drugs for Hiram Lodge, and Major Mason, who was using the role in an attempt to kidnap his son and his boyfriend, Moose and Kevin Keller, in an attempt to scare them out of “impure” thoughts. For now, fans remain waiting for the mystery of the true Gargoyle King to be solved.