Graduation is Coming

Elizabeth Field

It’s May already? I’m graduating in two weeks? How did time pass by so fast, especially in these last few months? For some of you, these next few weeks mark the end of your college experience and for others just the beginning.

Working with Liana on these last 26 issues has been an absolute pleasure. Despite her telling me that when we first met she instantly thought, “I’d never be friends with that girl” (I will never let that go), we’ve developed such a strong friendship and amazing working relationship. Thank you Liana for putting up with my poor singing, crying, and constant dancing…sometimes all at the same time. I hope we’ve continued to serve the Bulletin and hold it to the same high standards as previous editors. Mostly, though, I hope we’ve created a paper which may have sparked in some feelings of fondness or anger, but ultimately made students want to pick up an issue each week.

Everyone has a different college experience, but at the root of it all, I hope you have all made the most of your time here at UNH and have seen yourself grow academically and spiritually. I know that I would not have traded the last four years of my life for anything. My time at UNH has allowed me to have so many wonderful experiences that have enriched my education and sparked my research interests, which have lead me to enter an international Master’s program this fall.

Serving as a staff member of The Charger Bulletin for all these years has helped me develop my voice as a writer, learn some serious time management skills, and forced me into caffeine addiction. Although this paper frequently plagues my nightmares, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had within the paper all of these years. I am especially appreciative to everyone on our awesome staff that has week after week proved their dedication to this publication.

I hope that all you readers enjoy the many changes The Charger Bulletin underwent this year. I send my very best wishes to the incoming Editor-in-Chief Liana and Assistant Editor Sam. I have no doubt that you both will do a phenomenal job, and I look forward to seeing your progress next year! Congratulations to the Class of 2013 – we survived!