Chi Kappa Rho’s 51st Annual Virginia V. Parker Fashion Show

Samantha Higgins

On April 7, Chi Kappa Rho sorority held their 51st Annual Virginia V. Parker fashion show. This year’s theme was famous duos and seven duos competed. Famous duos that participated included Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Shrek and Donkey, Bert and Ernie, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Judges were James Kielar, USGA President, Shelissa Newball, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Erin Finch, All Greek Counsil president, and Derrick Neville, a brother from Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Participants dressed as Shrek and Donkey (Photo by Julie Schneidenbach)
Participants dressed as Shrek and Donkey (Photo by Julie Schneidenbach)

The first round all duos came out to a song that represented the duo, walked the runway, then answered some questions based on their duo characters before getting judged. The event led to laughs from the audience when, after Justin and Selena walked the runway, Keilar commented: “I’m now a belieber.”

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were asked how they prepared for the event and Britney responded by saying, “I did not shave my head.” Newball questioned Justin during judging, asking, “how does your wife feel about you being here with Britney?”

Shrek and Donkey came out for the question round and Donkey was asked “you and the dragon- how exactly does that work?” to which he responded, very much in character, “you asking dirty questions!”

Pauly D and the Situation came out and the crowd convinced the Situation to take his shirt of on stage to screams from the audience.

Intermission was a performance by the dance team, Fully Charged, and an assortment of skits performed by XKP sisters on famous things that have happened with celebrities.
Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift accepting her award, and the most recent Miss Universe Pageant were among the skits performed.
The second round was formal, Shrek was wearing a crown that he informed the audience he got from “Fiona’s dad,” and Donkey said, “if we win tonight I’m making pancakes!” which caused the audience to correct him to waffles, and Donkey offered to make both pancakes and waffles if his duo won. “I really like the movie quotes,” said Finch during judging, while Kielar and Neville were most curious about the pancakes and waffles.
Bert and Ernie brought all the nostalgia for the audience when asked “how long have they been a duo,” Ernie responded “since we were little, I had a rubber ducky and Bert was just like ‘you’re cool’.”

The duo of Taylor Swift and Salena Gomez was asked “who they were wearing” and Gomez responded “Greek Unity” to cheers from the crowd. “Best formal wear so far,” Newball said.

The duo of Clinton and Trump saw a pant suit and a fight over an American flag. Clinton said she wore red because, “it is the color of power” but continued to say, “white is my favorite color, like the color of the house I will be living in next year.”

Throughout the night the judges and the audience had a great time with contestants, Newball commented at one time, “every time I judge these competitions I leave a little scarred.”

Prizes were awarded to the duo of Pauly D and the Situation for the most money raised, third place was awarded to Bert and Ernie, second to Clinton and Trump, and first to Shrek and Donkey.