Billie Eilish Teams With Apple for New Single

Victoria Cagley, Contributing Writer

Billie Eilish recently released a new single called “Come Out and Play,” in collaboration with Apple. The song is a soft and sweet tune, where Eilish sings quietly over a piano and guitar. Toward the end of the song, the music becomes louder and more emotional, while Eilish continues to sing softly.

The 16-year-old singer is known for her trademark calm and tender singing style and keeps true to it in this uplifting melody.

As part of Apple’s new campaign, “Share Your Gifts,” a touching music video was released in correspondence with the song. In the music video, a cartoon girl struggles with something she is trying to create on paper, and when she loses some of her work in the wind, she chases after it. The papers reach a town square full of people, and  a realization dawns on the girl after everyone has seen her paper creations that it was time for her to show what she had created to others.

Since this is a marketing campaign for the holidays, the setting is a city in the midst of a snowstorm and decorated with holiday festivities. Apple’s brand has always been one that promoted creativity and expression, and honored those who dare to be different. With this new campaign, Apple seeks to inspire others to dream the way that they do with their products.

Eilish croons, “I promise you it’s worth it, to show ‘em everything you kept inside.”

The singer has become increasingly popular over the last year, with hit singles such as “You Should See Me in a Crown” and rising Billboard Hot 100 single “When the Party’s Over,” which has been on the charts for five weeks now. Eilish also released a song with artist Khalid called “Lovely,” which holds a spot on the Hot 100 list.

A debut album from Eilish is expected  soon, though no date has been officially released. The singer’s career has seemingly just begun and continues to skyrocket to the top of people’s feeds.