Beachside Vibes Playlist

Cam Garden, Staff Writer

As April comes to a close, the bittersweet ending of another school year comes around. Here’s the perfect playlist to get you through the finals season slump and into the summer vacation we all deserve.

1. Magic in the Hamptons – Social House, Lil Yachty

This song perfectly sets up the vibe for this playlist. It has a nice melody and simple lyrics. It works perfectly for a chill day on the beach

2. Drunk & I’m Drunk – Marc E. Bassy, Bobby Brackins

Bassy’s hit song features some amazing vocals and harmonies throughout the track. Coupled with the warming weather, this song is great whether you’re drunk or sober.

3. Summertime Magic – Childish Gambino

From his project Guava Island with Rhianna, Gambino delivers this track with island vibes that can get anyone to move their feet and dance on the beach.

4. Heebiejeebies – Aminé, Kehlani

Aminé and Kehlani are the best duo on this playlist. If you close your eyes during Kehlani’s part, you can almost pretend that she’s singing to you.

5. Sunday Best – Surfaces

As usual, a TikTok song had to make the playlist, but “Sunday Best” is an excellent choice. Even though summer 2020 wasn’t ideal, this song deserves a second chance at kicking off a great summer.

6. Life is Good – Cam Meekins

Simple and easy – life is good just like it should be during the summer.

7. Endless Summer Symphony – KYLE

Fairly self-explanatory, this song is great to vibe on the beach or to dance in the sand. Whatever suits your fancy, as long as you’re making the best of your summer.

8. 3005 (Beach Picnic Version) – Childish Gambino

Making a second appearance on the playlist, Gambino’s revamped version of his hit single “3005” is perfect for the beach. Might as well have a picnic while you’re at it.

9. Sunshine – KYLE, Miguel

Miguel’s smooth vocals really carry this track. Honestly, an amazing way to end this playlist. If nothing else, get some sunshine and just let your summer be carefree.