Amazon’s “LORE” is Scary


What started as a podcast has become an Amazon Video original TV show. On Friday, Oct. 13, all six episodes of a new horror series, Lore, were released. Each episode of the show features legends and lore from around the world based on real events and people.

The first episode revolved around Taphephobia, the fear of being buried alive. The episode opens with the story of Mary E. Hart who was buried alive in New Haven. Live burial was a common practice in the 1800’s. It soon led to widespread panic.

Then there’s the story of George Brown and his family. Brown’s story led to Bram Stoker writing “Dracula.” How, you may be asking? You’ll have to watch the first episode to see!

Lore is narrated by Aaron Mahnke, who created the Lore podcasts. The show is a documentary-type series. . Another element that contributes to this stylistic choice is the fact that each episode features a different cast.

Demons, Robert the Doll, werewolves, ghosts, and more are the subjects of each episode. At this year’s New York City Comic Con, Lore and Amazon included a “Lore Museum.”

Museum of Lore promotional sign

“Step inside the dark and eerie world of Lore to experience the haunting true stories behind the world’s most horrifying myths and legends,” said the sign. “Behind each mysterious door of this immersive Museum, guests will find a different picture and perfect spine tingling experience.”

Behind the first door was the chilling story of Robert the Doll. The second door featured a ghostly surprise and the third featured a feast meant for a beast. What exactly does this mean? What was behind each door pertains to a certain episode in the series.

“Lore” has some promising features that will keep you hooked on the series. It’s perfect for horror fans. To watch, viewers will need a subscription to Amazon Video which is offered free with Prime. Be sure to watch the show, but only if you dare.