A movie out of this world

Dylan Rupptrecht

The director of the spectacular Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, just released his latest motion picture, Interstellar, his most ambitious film up-to-date.

This movie is filled to the brim with major cinematic themes; whereas other movies would fall short in expressing these themes where there is a lot of room for failure—Nolan scathes through these doubts and comes out on top with an astounding achievement.

Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a one-of-a-kind aircraft pilot who is raising his two kids with his father-in-law on a futuristic yet dusty tundra where he grows corn.

As the massive amounts of dust threaten to deplete the Earth of its food, Cooper must lead a team of inexperienced astronauts through a wormhole in search of hospitable planets to colonize.
At the same time, Professor Brand, played by Michael Caine, who is the brains behind the mission is working on a gravitational theory to also try to save the Earth. The mission is only an alternative solution to the problem.

What I love most about this movie is the way Nolan can fuse thought-provoking concepts with resounding human emotions.

Hans Zimmer – who is notorious for writing the scores for many of Nolan’s other films – writes the perfect music to fit the ambient elements of the movie; to put it simply, it’s inspiring. I was also very satisfied that all of the immensely complex space logic is explained as clearly as it can be for the audience, so you don’t have be a astrophysics major to follow the movie. Nolan also writes quote-worthy dialogues that are even better when expressed by an amazing cast.

The only critique about this movie I would make is that with all the ambitious plot elements – the likes that makes you contemplate not only the complex logistics of traveling through space but also the sentimental, poignant aspect of the film – one has a hard time processing it all.

I would definitely recommend giving this movie a second watch to truly solidify all the underlying and overarching themes.

Ultimately, with the abundance of themes and inspiring and mindboggling content, anyone can take away something worthwhile from this film.

Christopher Nolan has yet again dazzled and enlightened the cinematic masses!