“6/8” Blink-182 Review


Caitlin Carney, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, popular pop-punk trio Blink 182 released a song that will be featured on the deluxe edition of their album, California.

The band described the single as “the strangest song blink have ever recorded.” The track is titled “6/8” which speaks to its unusual time signature of 6/8, this is different from most songs today which are in 4/4. The time signature of this song gives it a different feel than most of the group’s other songs. The band considers this song to be one of their favorite songs from the upcoming album.

The song includes the usual aggression portrayed in blink’s songs, yet brings in a lot of emotion. The song is very accusatory of someone who has made mistakes in their past which they tried to run from. The song questions, “did you ever think you’d live down the past?” Through these lyrics, listeners can understand that the subject of this song made some mistakes in the past and are now left to face their mistakes.

The song remains aggressive and angry throughout the verses, but in the chorus the song becomes much lighter and almost forgiving, as it addresses problems this person may be facing. The chorus starts off with, “Learn to swim in rushing waters,” which addresses the subject’s struggles throughout their life.

Throughout the song there are bouts of inaudible yelling in the background to support the ideas of the main lyrics. This yelling adds another dimension to the song as it is incredibly aggressive. The song’s bridge features guitarist and vocalist, Matt Skiba, speaking instead of singing to address the problems faced by the song’s subject. The bridge then leads into a portion which sounds similarly to the chorus except that the words get slightly altered to place more blame on the subject for other peoples’ pain and suffering. These lyrics explain, “You permeate my soul,” and “you decimate this home,” accusing the subject of living an incredibly damaging lifestyle.

The band released their song with a video which included the lyrics for the song being painted onto a paper. As the lyrics were painted on, words were occasionally replaced by pictures, and at other times, the lyrics were complemented by pictures.

Blink 182’s release of this song as well as the album set to be released, is a sign that the band is not going anywhere just yet and that they are doing well without their former member, Tom DeLonge. Lucky for fans, the band is still here to do what they do best and release new music and perform at more concerts and festivals.

“6/8” is the fourth single that has been released by Blink 182 from their upcoming album, California Deluxe Edition. This deluxe edition is an upgrade to Blink’s most recent album California, and includes 11 new tracks, plus an acoustic version of their hit, “Bored to Death.” The album is scheduled to be released on May 19, 2017.