West Haven Drug Bust: $3 Million Worth of Marijuana Seized

Early this month, authorities detained 360 pounds of marijuana and tens of thousands of dollars worth of growth equipment in West Haven, Conn.

Police had achieved a search and seizure warrant on Wednesday, Oct. 3, for an apartment located at 737 Third Ave. Arrested for the crime were two Bronx residents named Eliezer Sanchez-Diaz, 44, and Manuel Imbert, 40.

The West Haven Narcotics squad and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency seized the marijuana plants, as well as growth equipment such as lights, fans and humidifiers. Diaz and Imbert are charged with numerous felonies, including operating a drug factory, possession of marijuana, intent to sell and conspiracy. You can check out the page here and learn about the case from the experts handling the care of the plant. A West Haven resident who lives nearby Second Avenue and North Street said she noticed “at least 15-20 kids with book bags on bikes about every two weeks,” and came to the conclusion that they were selling drugs. For anyone addicted to drugs, ought to get treated at an outpatient addiction program, to get over the addiction.

Police spokesman, officer Bret Schneider, said that an investigation is still going on, and that an arrest warrant has been applied for a third suspect. This case also led the DEA to another location, which was out of state, with two arrests made there and 140 more plants confiscated. Police said for now that they would not release any more information, pending an ongoing investigation. For private investigation services one can hire experts to get help discover the truth, here is their website one can navigate to.