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Waxing Those Hands for Art

Ashley Bogdanski

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On Saturday Feb. 20 people gathered in Bartels programming space to make wax hands. The event started at 6 pm and went on until a little bit after 10pm. The line was a little long, but everyone was talking and making the best of waiting in line to make their wax hand.

Once you got to the front of the line, you had to stick the hand you were getting the wax hand of in a cooler full of ice water. You had to do this so your hand would be numb enough to put it in the hot wax.

Once your hand was numb you got to dry off your hand and had lotion put on your hand by the people that came in and ran the event. Then you had to “assume the position,” which really meant to place your hand how you wanted it to turn out. For example, if you wanted ‘I love you’ in sign language you had to place your hand in that position.

Then came the wax; here you had to place your hand into the wax and then quickly take your hand out of the wax. You needed to keep doing this for about ten or so coatings of wax. The next step was to let the wax dry; this step was complete once the wax lost its shiny exterior. Then, the wax hand was taken off of you using a wire to cut off the excess and then gently slipping your hand out of the waxed one.

Now it was time to color your wax hand, if you so chose, in red, blue, or yellow. After the wax hand was allowed to cool in an ice bath, your wax hand was complete! A warning was given to “Keep it away from any heat source and not to try to put your hand back into the wax because you can break it.”

Overall, the event was a success and many people have great looking wax hands in their rooms now.

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Waxing Those Hands for Art