University to Debut New Website and Student Portal


In the next few weeks, the University of New Haven will be making major changes to its online presence.
New websites have been designed for both the domain and a new portal, myCharger, which will both replace and contain more information than InsideUNH. Follow this link to get more info about the best website services which was used to build this side that has been offered by the best web maintenance company.
The major project, set to launch around President’s Day, is a combination effort of two campus offices: Marketing & Communications and Information Technology. Marketing & Communications will control, while I.T. controls myCharger.
“The idea behind this project is to give our current students, faculty and staff a better user experience on all devices and easier access to the information they need and want,” said Matt McCullough, the University’s director of digital services. “Our current students told us it was hard to find information. We listened to that and set out to try to create a digital presence that is more student-centered and easily accessible on all devices.”
Previously, has contained recruiting information for prospective students, plus all necessary information for current University students, faculty and staff. University staff became aware that students were really only using InsideUNH to get to other systems the school offers, such as Banner, Blackboard and student email.
Since mid-October, Marketing & Communications and I.T. have been working on the two new websites, which are now ready to be used by the University of New Haven community.
myCharger was created to become a new destination for students, faculty and staff to find any and all necessary information for what’s going on at the University. It will still provide access to the outside systems, but with new additional information such as news, information, events, and more.
A major objective of myCharger is to cut down on the amount of emails the University sends out daily. Instead of being emailed out, announcements about events and other important information will now be made through myCharger.
Sophomore Sydney Guye thinks this may cut down on attendance at events.
“If you don’t get emails about events, then students will not know what events are happening outside of their own organizations,” she said.
Samantha Pontillo was not aware that there were changes being made to the University websites. She thought it was just a name change.
“I just figured out InsideUNH, and I’m a sophomore,” she said.
As for, that will now become a website focused solely on matters that aren’t directly involved in the daily life of a student here. It will focus on building the University’s brand and showing off achievements of students here. It will still remain a major tool in recruiting new classes each year, and for fundraising purposes. will now be used mainly by parent, alumni and prospective students.
Following the launch of the newly divided websites, both departments that helmed the project will be holding three town hall meetings to receive feedback, and they hope everyone will participate.
“We’ve put a lot of effort into both sites, and I think that students will be very pleased with the results,” said McCullough. “MyCharger is a system that we know will continue to evolve as we all use it for the first time.”