UNH Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month

Karina Krul

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Walking around campus recently you may have noticed the blue and gold bows on various buildings and found yourself wondering why they were there. They were a part of Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month.
senior bow
Throughout the month of February, the University of New Haven participated in the fourth world wide event with this year’s specific theme being “A World of Opportunities.”

The overall goal of the month was to shine light on the many possibilities available to UNH students solely because of donor support. There were numerous events set up throughout the month to raise awareness and involve the student body in reaching out and thanking our donors.

“UNH relies on the philanthropic support from alumni and friends to help keep tuition costs down and provide funding for scholarships, experiential learning opportunities, research, classroom resources and campus facilities,” said Marya Neary, Director of Annual Giving.

As UNH is growing as a university it is becoming increasingly important to thank our donors and show our gratitude.

In the first week of the event, bows were placed on areas of campus that are made possible through donor support. Buildings from Henry C. Lee Institute for Forensic Science to the Beckerman Recreation Center had blue or gold bows placed on them to show the far reaching impact that donors have had on academics and overall campus life.

“In my four years, I have seen so many amazing improvements and changes to everything from the buildings to resources to programming, and I know this wouldn’t have been possible without generous donors,” said senior Patricia Oprea.

Students were also strongly encouraged to take a picture of themselves with their favorite bow and post it on social media to show their support. As the second week began, students had the opportunity to sign a “Once a Charger, Always a Charger” banner. Students took this opportunity to write about what they are thankful for here on campus or some of the programs and organizations they cannot imagine their college experience without.

The month-long event came to a close with an ice cream social where students got together and wrote personal thank you notes to UNH donors.     More than 800 thank you cards were written and the Alumni Board of Directors even stopped by to speak to everyone.

Freshman Sam Cosnoski says, “It’s so important to write these letters because, as students, we don’t get to contact these people often and thank them for the resources they provide us with.”

Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month was a huge success as students reflected on their experience at UNH and grew closer to alumni and donors that make their experience possible every day.

Karina Krul, Editor-in-chief

Karina Krul is a senior marine biology major with a triple minor in psychology, political science and marine affairs. This is her fourth year with The...

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UNH Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month