UNH Nominated for a Shorty Award

Elizabeth Field

The University of New Haven has been nominated for a Shorty Award honoring the best producers of short content on social media. This includes outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, tumblr., YouTube, and foursqare, all of which the university holds active accounts.

UNH is nationally revered for its use of social media, which brings an entirely new dimension to collegiate education. UNH and other institutions effectively use social media websites and applications to recruit incoming students, alert current students of emergency notifications and closures, and keep all followers updated with what is occurring on campus.

Shorty Awards conducted an interview with the University of New Haven admissions team in which they cited Anderson Cooper as their twitter influence and shared the #chargernation hashtag which they wish to popularize at more university sporting events.

The Shorty Award for social media will be awarded to an institution of higher education, which actively uses social media to engage students and demonstrate school spirit. Anyone was eligible to vote via twitter nominating @unewhaven using the hashtag “#college.” The polls were open until midnight on February 17.

At the time of publication, UNH was ranked in ninth place amongst institutions such as Boston University, Butler University, and University of Missouri.