Glenn Rohrbacker

Hello Chargers! My name is Glenn Rohrbacker and I will be your Editor in chief for the Charger Bulletin for the 2016-17 school year. I am a 20 year old sophomore from Long Island, New York and I’m majoring in Journalism, with minors in music and political science. I’m the president of Fully Charged, UNH’s a cappella group as well as being a student DJ on WNHU. I am also the Editor in Chief of the UNH chapter of the Odyssey.

I am beyond excited to take this position, as news is one of the passions I live my life on. Whether it be a campus newspaper, morning radio talk shows, or The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, reporting on the world around us creates a connection between people that we didn’t know was there.

In this position, I hope to appeal to the interests of all UNH students and make the Charger Bulletin a bigger part of the campus community. I would love to have more people involved in the paper, sharing ideas and working on stories that people care about. It’s my view that if something is happening at this school that affects students, we should know about it and I plan to work on investigating these types of things to ensure the student body has a say in what happens on this campus.

I want to thank USGA, especially the legislature, for selecting and voting me into this position. I also want to thank current Editor, Elissa Sanci, for her support in allowing me to express my ideas this past year and the mentoring she has provided as I take over this position. Thank you UNH and I look forward to being your Editor in the fall!