Toad’s Brings Joshua Radin to CT

Sara McGuire

When I found out that an up-and-coming musician would be playing at Toads Place, a local venue popular among the collegiate crowd, I was intrigued. I had heard of the rising folk artist from friends and acquaintances alike, and decided that it was about time that I give him a shot. So on September 12th, a friend and I made our way into downtown New Haven to do just that.

Joshua Radin
Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin gave a wonderful performance. His music can only be classified as soothing and uplifting; his smooth voice weaves heartfelt lyrics that unite listeners. And he really does a little bit of everything, providing everyone with something to like. From pieces that border the pop genre to melancholy soliloquies that bend the heartstrings, concertgoers hummed and clapped and swayed throughout his performance. For a country boy whose roots lie in the humble town of Shaker Heights, Ohio, he really knows how to sing. And write. And just be generally entertaining.

His stage presence, too, is terrific. He interacted constantly with the audience, and not only introduced the band who played with him, but also to thank them heartily for their hard work and talent. He even asked the audience for name suggestions, as they were his favorite to date; Joshua Radin and the Radinettes? I think not, but the grouping did indeed compliment one another. Who doesn’t love a band whose drum player appears in near-nirvanaic chaos, whose piano player hops around, the guitarist sings backup vocals splendidly, and the bass player switched between both electric and classical versions of his instrument?

He played close to fifteen songs, and introduced each one as a turning point in his career with a story to go with it. The set featured some new songs and some of his popular classics, which include “Winter.” The song was featured on the television show Scrubs, as actor Zach Braff is among his close friends.  His music has also been featured on popular shows Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and House, MD. One popular song, “Brand New Day,” was performed especially well and had an excellent audience response.

Upon the end of the performance, I turned to my friend and exclaimed that picking up a CD would be a good idea. She agreed. Radin is an excellent addition to any pop, indie, alt, or even rock fan’s collection; he knows how to make listeners laugh, cry, and sympathize. Such a performer is rare, especially one coming from such humble roots as Ohio. One can expect great things from the emerging artist.

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