To Download or Not to Download—That is the Question

Elizabeth Field

I consider myself an iPhone veteran…kind of. I didn’t make the switch from BlackBerry until the “4” came out, but I’ve broken enough screens to go through three of them (I once dropped the iPhone while chasing a one dollar bill…talk about bad investments).

Anyway, I spend 90 percent of my waking life in class, in an office, or in a bubble bath so I’m more or less spending 90 percent of THAT time looking for cool stuff on my phone! And since many of you have made the recent switch to the iPhone 5, I have compiled a list of app recommendations with my own seal of approval.

1. Find My iPhone – This should be the first app everyone downloads as soon as they get an iPhone! It allows you to log in and find the location of any missing iOS products via GPS technology. Find My iPhone also allows you to lock your phone, erase all data and send message blasts to your iPhone like, “Hey stop stealing my phone (insert adorable baby animal emoji icon).

2. Emoji – Don’t even think. Just download it now and thank me later.

3. ReplayIt – Upload your images to UNH’s ReplayIt 2012-2013 Time Capsule! Chariot Yearbook staff will be able to use these photos for the 2013 yearbook, and images will be forever hosted on ReplayIt’s website, allowing you to come back in one year or 10 to reminisce about your college experience.

4. Kayak – The most comprehensive website to score the best travel and flight deals! Book your spring break plans in class!

5. Instagram – Instagram is the latest must-have app for social media. It lets you connect with your friends through photos, eliminating all of those awful whiney posts and replacing them with pictures of their lunch instead. Yay, food.

6. Scramble with Friends – Is Scrabble too slow-paced? Don’t have a huge vocabulary? Are you like me and hate having to really think when you’re playing games? Scramble with friends is a “boggle” like game with extra add-ins like, “time freeze” and hints. Plus, you can totally win playing words like “got,” “hot,” “not,” etc.

7. Dropbox(+) – Dropbox is perfect for group collaboration or sharing your documents and images with others. Allows file synchronization to your desktop and has a sleek design.

8. Facebook – C’mon, who could live without Facebook on their phones?

All right guys, there you have it, the must-have eight apps for your new iPhone. With its sleek new design, larger screen, 4G LTE capabilities and new features, that iPhone 5 is arguably the best to date. But, at the end of the day, I’m still a broke college student and won’t get my hands on one anytime soon. I don’t even have Siri maybe I’m not the definitive source on app recommendations.

Anyone interested in a Charger Bulletin app? That would be the first on everyone’s list, I’m sure.