The End of Another Year

Isaak Kifle

As I put pen to paper (or rather, finger to keyboard), I can’t help but think of everything that has happened over the past year. This has been such an eventful year, not just for me, but for UNH and everyone here. There were the typical events: namely construction projects and staffing changes that occur every year. Two tragedies this year hit us very close to home, one in Newtown and one in Boston. But of course, as our community always does, we came together and became stronger as a result. Hurricane Sandy and Snowstorm Nemo came by and left their mark for a little while, but that too had passed us. And Charger Nation still stands strong, as it always has and will continue to.

While the passage of time here on this campus affects everyone, the rest of this message is mainly for my fellow students in the Class of 2014. In just a few short days, the Class of 2013 will be graduating. And then it hit me…well, actually it first hit me when I submitted the yearly budget proposal for the Class of 2014’s senior week, my final act as the Class of 2014 Treasurer (thanks for the amazing three years!). What had hit me was that we’re going to be seniors. Coming to UNH, I remember being told time and time again how quickly these years pass by, and sitting here three years into that adventure, I can’t help but sit amazed at how true this statement is.

For most of us, next year will be our final year at UNH. It will be our last “hurrah” as Chargers before taking on the title of alumni. It’s certainly a scary thought, but also a very exciting one. That being said, it’s something to think about a little later since we still have a year left. For now, what we should be doing is thinking of how we’re going to make this next year the best one of all. As seniors, we will be the leaders and the ones with the most experience. The UNH experience that other students may now be going through is what we’ve already been through. This is our opportunity to leave our mark on this campus and decide what kind of impression we will be making.

Personally, I am very honored to have been elected Treasurer of the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) for next year and will do whatever I can to make my impact. But this is ultimately a team effort, and all of us have to come together. Let your senior class officers or the USGA know what you’d like to see done. Every voice counts, but you have to let it be heard!