The Charger Battery

Elizabeth Field

The Positives:

SPRING WEEKEND!!! Need I say more?

It was also my birthday weekend, which happens to always fall on Spring Weekend. Hey everyone thanks for throwing me a rocking party year after year! Ludacris? You shouldn’t have!

The Negatives:

This is my last Charger Battery of the year! I know this summer I’m still going to post sticky notes everywhere with possible positive and negative charges.

The Spring Concert sold out on the first day, but that’s not the negative part. As a member of the UNH community, I was honestly embarrassed by the immature and completely ridiculous reactions of those who didn’t wait in line Monday to get tickets. Get over it, for real.

The Battery Charge:

This entire year has been so wonderful, and I can’t believe it’s over already. I’m going to miss all of the seniors so much, but it was incredible that everyone was able to come together one last time at the Spring Carnival and Concert to celebrate our success!