The Charger Battery

Elizabeth Field

The Positives:

The remembrance in honor of Stirling Danskin was remarkable. The event was so beautifully done and it was breathtaking the way that the entire UNH community came together to celebrate the life of one of our own.

It’s my birthday on Thursday! I’m so excited! Are you excited? What are you getting me?

The Negatives:

All of our senior friends are graduating in only two weeks. It’s going to be so weird on campus next year without seeing all those familiar faces. Don’t leave us!

That e-mail everyone got from the ever-so gracious Sacred Heart University inviting us to their Spring Concert because they have extra tickets? How nice! Oh wait; they want us to pay $45 dollars to see Wiz Khalifa? No thanks; I’m seeing Ludacris for free this weekend!

The Battery Charge:

Growing older is weird. Twenty-one is a landmark, and I’m starting to feel the age. Is that a wrinkle? I don’t want to grow up! Just kidding, I’m so excited! Who’s coming to Alchemy with me? (Yes, I’m actually going to Alchemy on my 21st birthday.)