The Charger Battery

Elizabeth Field

The Positives:

Happy Easter and Passover everyone! I hope everyone spent a little time relaxing before the end of the semester nears.

“Send Silence Packing,” an award winning program by Active Minds, Inc. which visited UNH on it’s 13 university national tour! Go UNH!

The Negatives:

The UNH Plague! Whoever got me sick…we’re totally not friends anymore. Jerk.

The recycling bin behind New Hall needs to be cleaned or condemned ASAP.

The Battery Charge:

Delivering the Charger Bulletins on Tuesday evenings is always my favorite part of the week. I get to ride in a golf cart; people ignore you when you ask to be let into residence halls, and my hands get ink-stained for a few days. So… it’s mostly fun. The best part though is the trip to the recycling bin behind New Hall! It’s where the university disposes grease and also where they decide never to empty the bin. So as these spring days get warmer and as the stench of rotting grease becomes more fragrant, we get to trample further and further into the sticky-grounded abyss…I can’t. I’m going to vomit. Please, someone just hose it down.