The Charger Battery

Elizabeth Field

The Positives:

The BSAC open house last week was great! It was nice to finally see students utilizing the space.

If you haven’t utilized the free fruit-infused water in Bartels you’re missing out! More for me!

The Negatives:

Is it just me or has parking become worse this semester? Where are all the cars coming from? I can’t even find street parking on a Friday!

Every day at 4:30, there is a line of 50 or so people waiting for Bartels to open. Instead of waiting in line for 20 minutes, come back in a half hour and the cafeteria will be empty!

The Battery Charge:

It is depressing to see BSAC consistently empty. Everyone loves to complain about tuition costs, but how about instead we utilize the great buildings and amenities we pay for? BSAC is an awesome place to do homework, hold club meetings, or just hang out! C’mon, did anyone even enter inside the Psychology Building?