The Charger Battery

Joshua Van Hoesen


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sure glad to be back at UNH. I know we all gripe and complain about it while we are here, but once we leave, it seems it’s a whole different story. We especially see how good we have it here when we have to spend so much time with our families. So, I just want to say welcome back everybody!

Thank you once again USGA for the retreat we embarked on Friday morning. It was filled with skiing, snowboarding, and lots of workshops to help us improve things in the semester as it progresses along. Thank you for this opportunity to improve myself and to have fun while doing it.


I have to say ORL has been getting on my nerves a little bit lately. It seems as the semesters go on, they are less and less helpful and less and less informed about what is really going on at the university. Therefore they are being less helpful to the students.

Ice, ice, and more ice. Though I love its awesome slipperiness so, it does tend to make things difficult, especially things like opening my car when its coated with a solid quarter inch of the stuff or even trying to walk down a gradual slope without bruising my tailbone.

The Battery Charge:

Okay, so I know it’s not all ORL’s fault, but they’re going to bear the brunt of my blame until someone tells me who I really should be annoyed at. End of last semester, I went in to talk to them about changing meal plans. They said an email would be going out to be able to do it over the break. However, I only just got an email last week telling me when the deadline was to change by. So, I emailed ORL, and they said I had to come into the office to do it. HELLO! Why not just tell me that in the first place? Also, I really hate it when they ignore emails just because they are filled with prickly questions, such as why should I have to pay the university extra money for housing to stay longer for a class I have to take to complete for my undergraduate degree that they put on the graduate trimester and is not offered any other time?