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Joshua Van Hoesen

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Congrats to the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) for their fashion show, I heard it was a crackerjack event that went off very well (despite a little rushing around last minute for an MC, rumors say). Also … a live snake was present! I wish I had seen that, although I was rather ill at the time so I sadly was not able to attend.

Hell, yeah, I got to seriously pwn some noobs hardcore this weekend at the annual Gaming Club gaming week lock-in at Bartels! Food, fun, and lots’a games…who could ask for a better Saturday night!? Also, some kickass Lord of the Rings Monopoly in which Erin Ennis and I were kicking ass and taking names (to collect money from later). All in all, a great time!


Okay, so I have two years of experience making sandwiches so my opinion may be a little biased, but I find the sandwiches at Bartels to be rather thin and unfulfilling In my opinion, a real sandwich should fill the mouth nicely and have some resistance when bitten into. So in the future can you start making sandwiches that can satisfy my needs better?

For this one, I am just being the voice of the people. Many students are rather tired of these registration days not being announced (and don’t blame admissions on this one, they told the people who could send out mass emails but it was never done). And you know what? I can understand completely. I would hate to go down for brunch on my relaxing Sunday and have a huge hustle and bustle going on with ridiculous lines!!!

The Battery Charge:

So with the whole registration day problems, it just falls into the complaint theme of the students for the year: we would like to know what’s going on! Be it a simple registration day or a big change such as the new housing policy, just TALK TO US! It may seem like such a little thing for us students, but it’s not: how hard is it to send a simple email? I know some university departments try their darndest (Sodexo with the new takeout tray policy and what admissions does by posting upcoming events on Facebook), but at times it seems too little too late.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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