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Well I guess you folks might take this as a positive: they seem to have put in a second stop sign on the road crossing to Harugari. To everyone else this may mean that they no longer have to dodge traffic that only stopped one way; to me this means no more afternoon games of frogger for myself. Oh well. =(

The C-Store snacks, hell yeah! I just realized they carried everyone’s favorite childhood treats from Glenn’s 50-cent zebra cakes to my 75-cent nutty bars. They have ‘em all! So my suggestion would be to go to the C-Store and buy some of your favorite childhood num-nums and relive the glory days!


Okay, I don’t know about you but the email system is getting rather annoying to me. Not only is the student email (in my opinion) slower than it used to be, but for all you clubs and organizations out there my club account takes forever to load any mail! It won’t even load up any personal folders. (I have also found that connecting your old student account to the new one works half-ass at best).

And what is with the resale value on books in the campus bookstore: its highway robbery! I know it’s not up to the university, but damn you eFollett! I buy a used book for around $60-$100 (depending on the book) and then the resale value is 12 bucks! It’s ridiculous! It’s in no worse condition then when I bought it! It’s worse than selling back a car I tell you.

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The Charger Battery