The Charger Battery

Kaela Mason

+ Congratulations to all the guys who got bids during rush week!

+ Happy birthday to our Assistant Editor, Sami Higgins! (The other way in which this can be construed as positive is that I won’t make any Taylor Swift jokes – the last thing this newspaper needs is a lawsuit.)


– Richard Rotella thought he could escape the watchful eye of the Charger Bulletin by laying low last week. Unfortunately for Richard, he learned the hard way that we have eyes everywhere, courtesy of our Snapchat story at last Friday’s USGA meeting.
– To whoever started the petition to get rid of Sodexo on campus: Lol if you thought your food was bad before…

batteryBattery Charge
Sunday was Valentine’s Day, and if any of you ladies or gentlemen who did not have a Valentine this year, that’s okay–USGA President James Kielar has made it his mission to wine and dine each and every one of you so nobody feels left out. Stop by OSA to book your date now! (Box of chocolates and bouquet of roses included.)