The Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar

+ As stressful as this week may be (and yes, it’s been REALLY stressful), at least we have Fall Break to look forward to! Because after all, a four-day weekend is totally enough to make up for half a semester of torture, right?

+ I know we’re all grasping at straws to try to find something to be happy about during midterms… Isn’t Homecoming soon or something? Sports?



– Is it just me, or does the exam period of the semester seem really difficult; like, more difficult than when Richard Rotella is trying to decide which of his collection of pastel shirts he should wear in the morning.

– To all of you who are sooooo excited that the weather’s getting so much colder, I’d like to remind you of one little thing: Walks to Harugari. In the winter. Check and mate.

The Battery Charge:

If you’re wondering how your professors all seemed to come together and assign you midterm exams, projects, and papers all on the same day, then congratulations, you’re officially a college student. Please visit Student Activities to redeem your complimentary starter kit, which includes: a 5L travel coffee mug; six boxes of tissues (for crying, etc.); a stuffed animal to cling to during all-nighters and nightmares about turning in assignments late and sleeping through exams; and James Kielar’s personal phone number, for when you want to issue a formal complaint about your workload or when you’re just looking to chat while studying for your midterm at 3:37 in the morning. Good luck (especially to you, James)!