The Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar



+ Up ‘Til Dawn was a huge success, as students raised more than $87,000 for St. Jude Research Hospital and surpassed LSU as the top third fundraising university in the country.

+ The University held a make-up day for classes on Thursday in an effort for both students and teachers to catch up after so many snow days.


– “That’s cute,” said Mother Nature, as she proceeded to dump another six inches of snow on us and give us yet another delay Monday morning.

– Was anybody else aware that it’s almost midterms? Anybody? Bueller?

The Battery Charge

If you’re not counting down the days until Spring Break, then you’re lying to yourself, unless you’ve just checked out already. But, in case you’re curious, it’s ten days, unless you have no Friday classes (in which case you suck). If you haven’t booked a trip to somewhere warm, then I’d suggest getting on that ASAP, because we all know there’s only going to be more snow on the ground when we get back.