The Charger Battery

The Charger Bulletin


+ After coming back to campus and seeing all the changes, it was nice to finally have lucious grass in the quad. Tossing the football and frisbee or laying out between classes will be much more enjoyable from now on.

+ Hope everyone enjoyed their day off and got a chance to relax without having to go to class! I know it’s hard to stay focused while it’s so beautiful outside, so take advantage of days off and weekends, so that you can power through classes and homework!


– While the Bethel Projects have gotten a facelift, all good things have their limits, and as result the parking lot has been removed. It seems like with one step taken forward, ten more are taken back.

– It may seem like things are piling on already, and the heat of the last days of summer don’t help the situation, but keep organized and it won’t seem like school is taking over your life.

The Battery Charge

Hope everyone was able to soak up the sun on the last few days of summer. Living near the beach can be an escape and a distraction, but now’s the time to dive head first into classes and get involved in clubs on campus!