The benefits of being a bunny owner

Courtney Brooks

I’m going to be bold and come right out and say it: bunnies make the best pets. Before all you dog and cat lovers start sneering and building your arguments for why your beloved animals should be given the title of “best pet,” because I KNOW you are going to, hear me out.

Who doesn’t want a bunny? (Photo provided by Courtney Brooks)
Who doesn’t want a bunny? (Photo provided by Courtney Brooks)

This past Christmas, I was surprised with an adorable baby bunny that goes by the name of Prince Tux. I had always wanted a bunny because they are just irresistibly cute, but I never knew how much more they had to offer.

Tux was supposed to be a pet for my apartment at college; I already have two golden retrievers at home but I needed someone to keep me company while I was away from them. That’s all he was supposed to be, a place filler for my dogs, but as soon as I met him, he became a best friend.

Contrary to the popular belief that rabbits are messy, smelly animals, after living with one for over a month, I can tell you that is wrong; I am almost embarrassed to admit that he is cleaner than I am. He was litter trained in no time, which I am grateful for during these winter months because he doesn’t require the bitter cold walks outside that a dog does.

Tux’s overly large ears and his shiny coat are his most prized possessions and he spends hour’s everyday cleaning them to perfection, so he never needs to be bathed or washed. Other than feeding him some pellets and hay everyday and making sure he has water, Tux pretty much can take care of himself. Bunnies are very low maintenance pets when compared to a dog or a cat.

All bunnies ask of their humans is that they love them. There is a saying that if you give an animal your heart they will give you theirs, whole heartedly, in return. My bun has proved this to be true. He likes to spend his days curled up in my lap watching movies, hopping around the house, following me everywhere I go and eating carrots.

Unlike a dog, he can be left alone for hours at a time because he has no problem amusing himself. Unlike a cat, he is perfectly happy to live in a cage, instead of having free run of the house. Where as people spend ridiculous amounts of money on food and toys for their dogs and cats, Tux’s expenses equate to five dollars for a bag of hay that will last at least a month. His toys are old cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, and wooden blocks… he is very simple and never picky.

The reason I am writing this article is because when people are considering getting a pet, a bunny usually never crosses their mind. People don’t know how great of a pet a bunny can be because they are not as common as dogs and cats. If more people were informed about what life with a rabbit is really like, more bunnies would be finding forever homes instead of being euthanized.

Life with a rabbit is fun! It’s entertaining watching them hop around and get enjoyment out of the simplest things, like a leaf of lettuce or a baby carrot. It’s exciting when your rabbit learns a new trick or performs his first bunny binky jump or just hops in your lap to spend some time with you.

If you’re thinking about getting a pet and want something very low maintenance but equally as lovable as our other four legged friends, I urge you to look into getting a bunny like Tux. It will be the best decision you ever made!