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YouTube Community Changes

Credit: The Verge

Iyana Jones, Staff Writer

February 6, 2018

The YouTube community has long been known for trying to create a safe and enjoyable environment for both its users and creators. However, recently the platform has been struggling with content issues and has tried to combat them with new policy. But is new policy really what it needs? If you haven’t...

Demi Lovato’s “Simply Complicated” Documentary

Demi Lovato's

Kimberly Trabulsi, Staff Writer

October 29, 2017

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Demi Lovato released her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated. The emotional film takes Demi’s fans through her battle with her addiction, eating disorder, and depression. In the totally raw and honest interview, Demi gets more personal then she has ever before in the public ...

What is YouTube Music?

Glenn Rohrbacker

November 18, 2015

If you’ve been on YouTube in the past few days, you may have seen ads for a brand new service being launched by the Google-owned website, called YouTube Music. Recently, there has been a huge shift in the way we listen to music, and a debate has emerged along with it to see who will come out on top...

Simply Sam’s Style

Samantha Salvio

October 7, 2015

Halloween Time! I know Halloween isn’t until the very end of this month, but it’s not a bad thing to start thinking about your costumes now. As college students, we don’t actually want to spend money on a typical costume from any Halloween store, which is absolutely understandable. This time of year is ...

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Hector Ramirez II

September 9, 2015

As you are reading this piece, you will probably have a couple of questions floating around in your head like, “When is my homework assignment due?” “What should I watch on Netflix next?” “Should I eat at Bartel’s or Sandella’s?” While I unfortunately can’t answer these questions...

UNH Chef on eHow

Jenn Harrington

November 28, 2012

Chef Jeffry Trombetta, adjunct Hospitality and Tourism professor at the University of New Haven, is now featured on eHow’s YouTube page for his home-style recipes. The webpage features 18 recipes that one can create in their own kitchen by simply watching the how-to videos. Each segment was filmed...

Livewell’s Latest

Shannon Livewell

November 28, 2012

Alex Goot @ The Space The music industry today is dominated primarily by new media (social media). Most new artists come about because of YouTube posts, Twitter feeds or Facebook groups. Alex Goot is an aspiring artist who has emerged within this generation of new media music promotion. Goot started out in the indust...

YouTube Enlists Big-Name Help to Redefine Channels

The Associated Press

February 22, 2012

CULVER CITY, Calif. (AP) — YouTube is enlisting Hollywood’s help to reach a generation of viewers more familiar with smartphones than TV remotes. The online video giant is aiming to create 25 hours of programming per day with the help of some of the top names in traditional TV. The Google-owned ...

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