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Samantha Salvio

Halloween Time!

I know Halloween isn’t until the very end of this month, but it’s not a bad thing to start thinking about your costumes now. As college students, we don’t actually want to spend money on a typical costume from any Halloween store, which is absolutely understandable.

One Halloween makeup trend is the do-it-yourself Sugar Skull (Photo obtained via Pinterest)
One Halloween makeup trend is the do-it-yourself Sugar Skull (Photo obtained via Pinterest)

This time of year is when our individual creativity comes out and/ or hours of perusing YouTube and Pinterest for a look that you find interesting and cost efficient.

As an avid horror attraction enthusiast, this year I have taken a lot of interest in special effects makeup instead of costume characters.

Oftentimes for these looks, you can utilize the makeup that you already own and the extras that you could get are a much cheaper alternative than going to the mall to piece together a costume. Also, if you have a latex allergy, there are many alternatives, such as silicon and gelatin that provide the same effect.

I have done some of the groundwork for those that would like to take the special effects makeup route for this year’s Halloween costume. I have provided you some YouTube channels that have great tutorials for a variety of looks, from mermaids to gory zombies. Enjoy!

1. Bonnie Carbon SFX: Bonnie is a self-taught special effects makeup artist from Australia. Her channel is great for those who aren’t really sure about what concept they want to go for. She provides a multitude of different looks that you can browse from and her actual tutorials are easy to follow along to. Do not get turned off by the voiceovers in the beginnings of most of her videos because she then takes you step by step through the process, and even flashes which products she uses.

2. beeisforbeeauty: If you are interested in really gory looks to scare everyone in sight, this YouTuber is your girl. The products and her know-hows produce extremely realistic looks. Her videos are fairly short, and there are no voice directions, so if you are an auditory person you may not like her videos. She does, however, have text boxes that pop up to show to let you know what products she uses.

3. Sheling Beauty: What attracted me to this artist is her tutorials on animal special effects makeup. The final products of her tutorials look flawless, as if they were her actual skin.  Her looks tend to be more precise and detailed, so they may need to be practiced a couple times before debuting them. She also throws in a lot of little tips about the products she uses to help first-time makeup artists.