Demi Lovato’s “Simply Complicated” Documentary

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Demi Lovato released her YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated. The emotional film takes Demi’s fans through her battle with her addiction, eating disorder, and depression. In the totally raw and honest interview, Demi gets more personal then she has ever before in the public eye.

The 25-year-old singer used the platform to connect with her millions of fans who might be struggling with similar issues. Simply Complicated walked us through Demi’s life: starting from her early years in pageantry, to getting severely bullied in school, to her first big break on Disney Channel. The documentary did not hold back when it came to Demi’s downfalls.

Demi explained that the peak of her drug abuse was unknown to the public when she was just 19 years old. She stumbled through the days drinking heavily and continuously getting high on cocaine and prescription pills. She recognized that she was headed down a rocky path but had gotten to a point where her depression was so severe that she simply did not care.

Thankfully, her friends and family stepped in with an intervention that changed her life. Demi’s family and her manager, Phil McIntyre are featured throughout the movie explaining Demi’s ongoing issues from their perspectives. What seemed to them at first like a just a typical teenage rebellion, turned out to be a lot more serious. Lovato proudly announced that since that day, she has been sober for six years.

Not forgotten in the film was Demi’s extremely public relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. Although the couple had split in 2016, Demi claims that she is still in love with and misses her ex. She honestly revealed that she had begun to overcome her eating disorder during their relationship, but had recently reverted to purging at a time she found herself missing him.

Demi’s passion for her music was the common theme throughout Simply Complicated. She opened up about the only thing that has consistently helped her cope with her inner demons and how she plans to move forward with it. Thanks to the authentic clips of Demi singing her heart out in the studio and rocking out on stage, her talent is undeniable. She tells her story musically in her new albumTell Me You Love Me which was released on September 29th.

Make sure to check out the touching film for free on YouTube.