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Hector Ramirez II

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As you are reading this piece, you will probably have a couple of questions floating around in your head like, “When is my homework assignment due?” “What should I watch on Netflix next?” “Should I eat at Bartel’s or Sandella’s?”

While I unfortunately can’t answer these questions for you, I can tell you all about the awesome new web series sponsored by the Charger Bulletin, Podcast Charge.

Firstly, my name is Hector Ramirez II, a senior at the University of New Haven with a strong passion in entertainment and who likes to talk… a lot.

In the spring semester of 2015, I proposed the idea of a weekly video podcast to the Charger Bulletin, and they green lit the project!

So, what exactly is Podcast Charge?

Podcast Charge is a video web series where a special guest and I talk about the recent news and events at the University of New Haven, as well as a random topic chosen by either myself or the special guest for that episode.

Each episode airs on the Charger Bulletin YouTube page every Friday. The show is going six episodes strong with plans to make it bigger and better this year with new guests, fun discussions and fan interaction!

Episode six recently aired, so definitely give it a look and leave some feedback!

As creator of Podcast Charge, my goal is to have a special guest in each and every episode.

If you would like to be a guest on Podcast Charge, send me an email titled “Podcast Charge” with the body of the message saying you would like to be a guest on the show, as well as your name.

Anyone is welcome, so don’t be afraid to reach out to me. If you like the show, remember to share with your friends and family!

The main theme of Podcast Charge is to have fun, and I intend to keep it like that in every episode!

I hope you all will join me for a great school year. See ya around, Chargers.

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Get your Weekly News with Podcast Charge!