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Senior Women’s Lacrosse

Senior Women's Lacrosse

Zack Pincince, Sports Editor

May 5, 2020

This week’s Senior Day will focus on the women’s lacrosse team. This group of seniors leaves behind an impressive resume. They had an overall record of 41-18, amassed 553 saves, 226 goals, 132 assists, and 358 points. This group of eight seniors accomplished a lot during their time at New Haven and...

Women’s History Month Spotlights

Simone Biles

Beth Beaudry, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

Malala Yousafzai At 22 years old, Malala Yousafzai is one of the most influential women in the world because of her activism for female education. Malala grew up in Pakistan and was given the opportunity to go to school until 2008, when the Taliban took over her town and banned girls from receiving a...

Women’s Basketball Season Recap

NO. 11 Camryn DeBose, Sophomore

Tyler Wells, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

With a 55-44 loss at Saint Anselm on Sunday, the New Haven women’s basketball team concluded their season in the NE10 Quarterfinals. The Chargers were able to find success during the year, finishing at 18-9 (12-7 NE10) mark with notable wins over nationally-ranked Bentley University and Le Moyne College. ...

Women’s Leadership Council Presents: Strategies to Survive Student Debt

Women’s Leadership Council Presents: Strategies to Survive Student Debt

Hannah Providence, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

On Wednesday, the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) hosted an event about managing student loans in the Alumni Lounge. Debra Abbott-Walker, growth and development director for Northwestern Mutual, kicked off the event with an in-depth presentation that explored.the different ways to pay off student...

Women’s Lacrosse Season Preview

Women's Lacrosse Season Preview

Zachary Pincince, Sports Editor

February 12, 2020

With the spring sports season in a few short weeks, the Chargers women’s lacrosse team is getting ready for another competitive year. Coming off a solid 12-7 season last year, and an exit in the NE-10 semifinals, the Chargers can build off some young talent and veteran leadership from last year. New...

Men’s and Women’s Charger Basketball Recap

Men's and Women's Charger Basketball Recap

Tyler Wells, Contributing Writer

February 12, 2020

As the final weeks of the season are flying by for the men’s and women’s basketball teams, each game carries even more significance on the teams’ playoff aspirations for the NE10 tournament. This was especially true as Pace University entered Charger Gymnasium on February 5th for a pair of...

Women’s Basketball Take-down Bridgeport

Middle: NO. 20, Senior, Micah Wormack

Tyler Wells, Contributing Writer

December 10, 2019

The winter sports season is in full swing as the University of Bridgeport made the trip up I-95 to Charger Gymnasium to face off against the New Haven women’s basketball team. It proved to be a good night for the Chargers, who came out with the 55-42 victory over the Purple Knights. Senior Micah...

Women’s Basketball V. The College of Staten Island

NO. 25, Brie Pergola

Zachary Pincince, Sports Editor

November 17, 2019

Women’s basketball had their season opener on Saturday where they beat The College of Staten Island, 68-57. New Haven played a solid first quarter of basketball with a handful of players pitching in. During the final seconds of the quarter, junior Brie Pergola knocked down a three-pointer, her...

Women’s Soccer vs Saint Michael’s and Saint Anselm

Women's Soccer vs Saint Michael's and Saint Anselm

Zack Pincince, Sports Editor

October 14, 2019

Things started slow on September 24, as the University of New Haven’s women’s soccer team hosted Saint Anselm College in an NE-10 matchup.  The first half was a defensive showdown between the two teams, as neither team was able to score. Saint Anselm took 10 shots, while New Haven took six. ...

Women’s Soccer at Adelphi

Women's Soccer at Adelphi

Zack Pincince, Sports Editor

October 8, 2019

On Saturday, Oct. 5, Adelphi University Panthers defeated the University of New Haven Chargers women’s soccer team, 1-0, at Garden City, New Jersey. The Chargers came into the match with a record of 2-6-1, while the Panthers came 5-2.  The first half was a defensive battle between the two t...

Women’s Soccer Split Two Matches

Women's Soccer Split Two Matches

Zack Pincince, Sports Editor

September 30, 2019

On September 11 the Charger’s women’s soccer offense came out strong against Bloomfield University and dominated the game. The most drastic stat was New Haven’s eight corner kicks to Bloomfield’s three, which played a major role in the pressure applied to the Bloomfield defense. The five goals...

en History-Changing Women You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of

Patricia Oprea

March 30, 2016

As March is Women’s History Month, female-centric articles fill the Internet and events geared towards female students pop up on University of New Haven calendars. However, often the same women are recognized. Although this is in no way a detriment, it is often as repetitive and dry as the rest of...

My SigSuit Dispute

The Charger Bulletin

November 18, 2015

Last Friday was that time of year. No, I’m not talking about when the leaves begin to fall, or when we start to realize that we need to get a 200 percent on our final research paper to pass our class. I’m talking about SigSuit. For those of you who don’t know, SigSuit is a three part pageant which...

Grow A Pair (Of Ovaries)

Kaitlin Mahar

November 11, 2015

I have a slight bone to pick with the University; namely, it’s bathrooms. If you’re thinking in terms of cleanliness, you’re actually wrong - these bathrooms are relatively spotless, especially compared to the deadly weapon of mass destruction that is a gas station bathroom. (Seriously, that’s...

Tease vs. Sleaze: Why Girls Can’t Win

Kaitlin Mahar

October 28, 2015

You meet a guy at a party. He’s cute, seems nice, and you’re both looking to have a good time. But then he suggests you take it a little further and go “somewhere more quiet,” to which you politely decline. What comes next in this scenario? Well you get called a tease, of course. But what if...

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