I am disappointed in fourth-wave feminism

I identify as a feminist but I will not sit idly by while a movement I am proud to be part of promotes ideals that I deem regressive or even gross. Thoughts that have become rampant in some feminist circles are that sex work is a decent type of work, pornography is an acceptable art form and that the word woman should be removed for more inclusive language.

Sex work is not “just work.”

Sex work is not a decent way to make a living, nor is it “just work.” The precondition of sex work is the vulnerability of women and girls. Women do not desire to enter prostitution or a similar sex industry because it is a fun career but often because they are facing financial instability and social insecurity.

For perspective, it can be argued that both construction workers and sex workers use physical labor to earn a living. But the difference lies in that a construction worker receives compensation in return for selling their skillset, while a sex worker receives compensation in return for selling herself.

The causes of sex work are what needs to be addressed; these women deserve safety and security. To support sex work is to actively view women as a commodity.

Pornography is not art.

While what constitutes art is a subjective decision, it cannot be ethical to classify porn as such. Photography is a type of art that serves its purpose as showing our world in its raw state. The purpose of pornography is to sexually excite the viewer, not have them ponder and appreciate lighting or camera angles.

Art should not shrink your brain or reduce frontal lobe functioning. Viewing pornography does both. The porn industry makes aggression towards women seem sexy and normalizes human trafficking – both of which should not be considered works of art.

Stop censoring the word “woman.”

Lately there has been a push to erase the word “woman” from common jargon and to replace it with more inclusive terms such as “uterus owner” or “person with a vagina/uterus.” Writing “woman” as “womxn” is now an acceptable way of erasing someone’s identity. Feminism should not devolve to become a linguistics movement that seeks to bastardize the English language.

To define an individual by their genitals or body parts is perhaps one of the least progressive things. I will not be identified as a “birthing person” nor any other conglomeration of anatomical bits. Expressing and acknowledging womanhood should not be taboo.