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What’s so Exhilarating About Breaking Out in Heavy Sweats?

What’s so Exhilarating About Breaking Out in Heavy Sweats?

Alessia Bicknese, Opinion Editor

April 11, 2018

During the last moments of the brisk weather, the world can almost taste the hot sun they once knew. But is sun poisoning, sweat in uncomfortable places, mosquito bites, and chafing really preferred over warm fires, cancelled work and school days, cozy blankets, and the holiday season? Before swea...

Charger Poll

Alessia Bicknese

March 23, 2016

Welcome back, Chargers! I hope everyone had a relaxing Spring Break! Let’s get ready to jump back into the semester with a positive attitude with help from this beautiful spring weather coming our way! Looks like the majority of you are lovin’ this weather. Let’s just hope that it lasts without...

Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar

February 10, 2016

Positives: + Shout out to Editor-in-Chief Elissa Sanci and Assistant Editor Sami Higgins for snowshoe-ing over here and getting this week’s issue published. + It’s good to see the facilities workers were having fun playing grand theft snowplow on campus earlier this week. My condolences to a...

The awkward in between stages of seasons

Courtney Brooks

April 1, 2015

It is that time of year again, the most awkward time of all. It is the in-between stage, and anyone who is a middle child knows that being in-between is not always fun. It’s “sprinter,” not quite spring but no longer winter. We are now faced with millions of questions. Do we bring winter coa...

A break up letter to you from me

Kaitlin Mahar

February 18, 2015

There was a time when I loved you, or at least I thought I did. Rosy cheeks and blurred vision filled my days, with many a warm night spent safely under the covers. But now, I can honestly say that I feel nothing anymore. I don't love you now, and I don't think I ever did in the first place. I think...

Where is winter?

Courtney Brooks

December 10, 2014

Call me crazy, but I am more than disappointed in the weather that this winter—if we can even call it winter—has brought this year so far. In years past, I have memories of snow days well before Thanksgiving, but this year, sadly, it seems a white Christmas may be out of reach. It is already December...

Why I can’t wait for snow

Samantha Higgins

November 19, 2014

It’s the time of year where everyone starts dreading the weather forecast. They start praying that we are somehow going to turn into a tropical island and we won’t get even a flake of snow this season.   But me? I am the total opposite. I am the person who waits and watches, looking...

36 Inches of Winter Wonderland

Patricia Oprea

February 14, 2013

“Three feet, I’m telling you they said THREE!” said a student in Bartels, insistently trying to convince his friend, who scoffed in disbelief; the time was about five in the afternoon on Thursday, Feb. 7. By the same time 24 hours later, the inches of snow were progressively turning into feet,...

And The Hits Just Keep Coming

Samantha Mathewson

November 14, 2012

Wind, rain, now snow—when are the locusts coming? A Nor’easter struck campus and many areas in the Northeast Wednesday, Nov. 7. The storm brought 10 inches of snow, and set back the recovery from Hurricane Sandy in New Haven, Conn. The snow blanketed campus in seconds. Snow began to fall mid- morning, an...

Southern Winter Wonderland

Matt DiGiovanni

February 23, 2010

Across the United States, from coast to coast, there are numerous regions where snow is a fact of life; but following the back-to-back blizzards of the north, the South got an unusual taste of winter weather recently. Although for the most part they merely received inches of snow compared to the feet...

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