Why I can’t wait for snow

Samantha Higgins

It’s the time of year where everyone starts dreading the weather forecast. They start praying that we are somehow going to turn into a tropical island and we won’t get even a flake of snow this season.

sammi higgins bw


But me? I am the total opposite. I am the person who waits and watches, looking for that little snowflake to indicate even the slightest chance of a snowfall. I am the one who remembers the days of being a little kid and wearing their pajamas inside out, in hopes of a snow day. I don’t hope for snow so that classes are cancelled, though. I hope for snow because it’s magical; the way it shimmers and just flows to the ground, the way the sun reflects off of it making it glitter no matter what time of day it is, and the way it makes hot chocolate almost a daily necessity.

It requires us to change our entire attire; we have to wear hats and scarves and gloves or mittens. We have to learn to set aside more time to get where we are going, like it’s helping us to stop being the fast paced people Americans are known to be, to stop focusing on where we are going and take the time to pay attention to how we are getting there, to just slow down and take in everything around us. Snow makes everything quiet and peaceful—until a major snowball fight breaks out, which will undoubtedly turn into a cherished memory that wouldn’t have happened without the snow, so why do so many people dread it?

The mornings that I wake up and there is snow on the ground outside my window are the days that I am happy for no other reason than the weather. Snow is more than just frozen water—it changes everything around us. Sure, walking to class might be a little colder, but you can add layers of clothing to what you are wearing and stay just as warm as you would’ve, pre-snowfall. Having the option to layer clothes is better than sweating the whole day—you can only take so many layers of clothing off before society frowns upon what you are (or aren’t) wearing. I know we have only had a few flakes so far this year but already people are so bitter about it! And, sadly, the rain washed it away almost instantly anyway!

So I have a little Winter Challenge for everyone. Next time you hear it is going to snow, instead of getting angry or aggravated, instead of worrying about driving in it or being cold or whatever else ruins the magic for you, take a step back. Allow yourself more time in the morning to slow down and to notice the beauty of the glimmering snow on your way to classes, pick out some layers that will keep you warm outside but comfortable during class, find yourself a nice hat, scarf, and pair of gloves so that you aren’t freezing on your walk there, and invest in some hot chocolate with marshmallows. Don’t let some frozen water ruin your day; we live in Connecticut: it snows here, and if you get unhappy every time you see snow on the ground, you’re going to lead a pretty unhappy life. Instead, do those things and make snow days something you look forward to. I promise, snow isn’t that bad!