The awkward in between stages of seasons

Courtney Brooks

courtney bw

It is that time of year again, the most awkward time of all. It is the in-between stage, and anyone who is a middle child knows that being in-between is not always fun.

It’s “sprinter,” not quite spring but no longer winter. We are now faced with millions of questions. Do we bring winter coats or light sweaters back to school? Sneakers or Uggs? Hot Chocolate or Iced Tea?

The answer: bring both! We choose to live in New England, so this awkward middle season is just something we have to deal with, but here are some ways to make it a bit easier.

Take advantage of this time period; appreciate the cold days just as much as the warm ones. Summer is just around the corner and although that sounds like heaven to us right now, once it’s here, we will all be complaining that it is too hot. I know the recent snowfall brought a lot of bad moods to New Englanders, but instead of complaining, enjoy the cold days. Once summer is here, it will no longer be acceptable to stay in bed all day drinking hot chocolate, binge watching a whole series on Netflix.

Likewise, also enjoy the warm days. Though they seem to be far and few between right now, they are coming, however slowly as that might be. When we are hit with a nice 60degree spring day, go outside. Try studying out in the quad or eating lunch outside at Sandella’s. Go for a walk at the beach or relax in a park; just do something to enjoy the sunshine to the fullest.

Dress in anything your little heart desires. In the winter, we always look at the warm-blooded people wearing shorts and a sweatshirt on campus while the rest of us are bundled up in coats and scarves, like they are crazy. Then it gets a little warmer and it’s the cold-blooded people, still sporting their furry Ugg boots while the rest of us are in flip flops that are lunatics.

The best part about this in-between stage is that whether you’re dressed for winter or summer, no one will care. We are all just as confused as the next person about the weather and what the proper attire is because, really, there is no proper attire! Wear what you want and whatever you feel comfortable in, without getting weird looks from everyone on campus.

Relax a little bit. Not too much so that you start failing your classes, but if there was ever a time to slack off, now is it. Midterms are behind us and finals are a long road ahead. Exciting events are in the near future, like Easter weekend off and Spring Weekend. Though you should still put your best effort into your schoolwork, this period is not a stressful one. You can sail through classes pretty easily without worrying about final grades and exams. In a month or two, the stress will be piling on while you try to get in those last minute assignments, but for now, just relax and enjoy the ride.

I know that this isn’t the most ideal time, but we have to make the best of it! As winter moves out and spring moves in, things are sure to get messy and confusing with the weather, but that doesn’t mean our lives have to do the same. Instead of complaining about this awkward period, just go with the flow, have fun and wait it out. Only a few more weeks and we’ll be looking back on winter like a distant memory!