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The Game of Life in the Alumni Lounge, West Haven, April 5, 2023.

Game of Life teaches students about financial wellness

Presley DePugh, Arts & Life Editor April 6, 2023

As soon as you walked into the Alumni Lounge yesterday, you immediately stepped foot into the Game of Life, which was given a spin by the university’s Financial Wellness Program for students to learn...

Outside of City Hall, West Haven, April 24, 2022.

West Haven audit finds city misused nearly $900,000 in COVID relief funds

Lillian Newton, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

According to a newly released audit, the City of West Haven misspent nearly $893,000 in federal pandemic relief funding last year. State officials are currently considering whether to take over the municipality’s...

The United States of ExxonMobil

The United States of ExxonMobil

Samuel Weinmann, Politics Editor October 26, 2021

Money, power and political influence are the three measures of the most successful countries—especially the U.S. Despite its success, the U.S.’s influence has limits; the amount of soft power—or...

Deconstructing Taboos: The value of academia

Deconstructing Taboos: The value of academia

Cam Garden and Isabelle Hajek April 27, 2021

For most students, the value of academia is highly regarded as the ultimate sign of success. Even more so, the definition of higher academia has become muddled with economic propositions that directly...

University discourages nonessential travel

Student First, Employee Later

Lauren Fligg, Contributing Writer September 26, 2019

Congratulations, you scored your very first on-campus job! You conquered the job hunting process filled with resumés, clammy handshakes and uncomfortable interview clothes.  I hope you’re ready...

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Nicole Manall, Staff Writer December 5, 2018

Over the past few years, college athletics have been receiving more attention by sports media. The intensity and competitiveness between teams outweigh any rivalry that teams in professional sports have...

Opinion: Athletes Hold Out for Money, Not Loyalty

Ethan Cardona, Contributing Writer September 25, 2018

In recent years, we have seen Kawhi Leonard in the NBA and Le’Veon Bell in the NFL decide they are not going to play because they are unhappy with their current situations. Whether it be contract issues...

Born Into Poverty and Obesity

Elissa Sanci March 23, 2016

Money controls so many aspects of our lives—including our health. I’ve never given much thought to the existing correlation between poverty and obesity, but it’s there and it’s huge (pun intended). Between...

The Face of Student Debt

Kaitlin Mahar February 24, 2016

If you’ve ever wondered who the face of student debt is, we now have an answer. It’s not Bernie Sanders. It’s not Uncle Sam. It’s nobody famous, infamous, or even remotely well-known. It’s Shakeem...

Treasurer’s Tip

Annalisa Berardinelli February 24, 2016

Some Inspiration “Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.” Kahlil Gibran Sincerely, Anna Berardinelli USGA...

Best Ways for College Students to Earn Some Extra Cash

Kaitlin Mahar February 3, 2016

We all know the plight of being the living, breathing realization of the “broke college student” stereotype, but what can we actually do about it? Few of us can handle balancing a full-time job with...

Treasurer’s Tip

John Foti February 25, 2015

Track your spending  RSOs, as we move further into the semester, it’s important to continuously track your spending. Tracking your spending can help manage your RSO budget and can make planning...

Treasurer’s Tip

John Foti February 11, 2015

Budgeting Basics RSOs: as we move further into this semester, this means that the Yearly Budget Process is quickly approaching! Here’s a couple of tips that can help when preparing for the Yearly...

Treasurer’s Tip

John Foti February 5, 2015

Stay Informed RSOs, as we begin to move forward into this semester, it’s so vitally important to make sure that members of your organization, especially your President and Treasurer, understand...

Up ‘til Dawn sets a new goal

Samantha Mathewson November 12, 2014

The University of New Haven’s St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn has challenged themselves to raise $18,000 by Thanksgiving break after surpassing their initial goal of $16,500. “We have had two major...

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