Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Over the past few years, college athletics have been receiving more attention by sports media. The intensity and competitiveness between teams outweigh any rivalry that teams in professional sports have to offer. Between the teams and fan base, it is constantly growing.

This has brought more awareness towards college athletes and brings up an age old question: should these athletes be compensated for the work they do throughout the season?  

Roy Kane Jr., a forward on the men’s basketball team does not think that college athletes should be paid. “If you pay one sport you would have to pay all, even if basketball or football was bringing in the most revenue,” said Kane Jr. “Also you are getting free school so I do not think paying athletes would be a good idea, the education is already enough in my eyes.”

College athletes should not get paid because it draws the line between work and an education. You are paid for doing a job, and college is supposed to further your education for a career.

Even though specific college sports are billion-dollar industries, (mostly Division I schools fall under this category) what college, big or small has enough money to pay all of their athletes?

Like Kane Jr. said, schools would have to pay all athletes, not just the ones that bring in their revenue. Not all athletes would be paid the same as well. For example, the bowling team would not make as much as the football team would. In addition to that, they have to pay and maintain their facilities, pay coaches, give scholarships, and pay athletic directors.

According to, paying college athletes would most likely make the tuition rate rise, the money to pay all of these players would have to come from somewhere. It wouldn’t be fair for other students since most college athletes are already on scholarships, so it’s almost like they are already getting paid to play the sport that they love. Ticket prices for games would rise as well, which might make attendees think twice about going to a game or staying at home to watch it.

More importantly, paying college athletes would ruin the culture of college sports. Students love college sports because the athletes are students just like them. They are in classes, and seen all over campus.The money would separate the athletes from the student body making it seem like they are the most important people at the school.