Until Next Time

Liana Teixeira

Well, here it is…the last issue of the Charger Bulletin for the year. It’s an odd feeling to tell you the truth. No more editing, no more article lists, not spending my Sunday afternoons cooped up in the Office of Student Activities. Although this comes as a huge sigh of relief with finals approaching, I’m going to miss working at the newspaper on a daily basis. As I’m writing this, I realize many of the people (hopefully) reading this editorial are seniors, are my friends, are people I won’t see on a daily basis once classes resume in August.

One of these fantastic people is Elizabeth Field, the current Editor-in-Chief. When I received the position of Assistant Editor last spring and met Liz for the first time, I had no idea we would form such a strong friendship (if staying up until 2 a.m. and singing Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs whilst editing the newspaper doesn’t make us soul sisters, I don’t know what does). I could never have gotten through every twist and turn that has come our way this year without Liz’s help and guidance throughout this entire process. As much as it saddens me to see her graduate and move to Ireland for grad school, I am confident she will succeed in anything and everything she does in the future.

We have come so far and accomplished so much in the past year; we have seen Charger Bulletin grow and expand in ways we never thought possible. To me, Charger Bulletin was, and still is, my pride and joy. I have spent more hours this year slaving over my office desktop than I have on actual schoolwork. And while some may see this as a problem in the long-run, I am thankful to have the opportunity to produce something I am truly passionate about. I came to UNH knowing I wanted to work toward a career in journalism, and being a part of the newspaper has only made my experience at UNH that much more enjoyable.

Looking back on this past year, I find myself overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to be Assistant Editor and even more grateful to be named next year’s Editor-in-Chief. Also, I would like to congratulate Samantha Mathewson, who will be the new Assistant Editor for the 2013-2014 school year. I know, without a doubt, that she will be a great asset to Charger Bulletin and bring a new, creative perspective to the newspaper.

Good luck during finals everyone, and have an even better summer. Until next time, loyal readers.